Vanuatu is an 83-island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its stunning scenery, pristine waters, and sandy beaches, Vanuatu is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Moreover, the Vanuatu government’s hassle-free and low investment threshold Citizenship by Investment Program ranks among the best in the world.

For anyone looking for a relaxed way of life in one of the most beautiful places in the World, Vanuatu is the place to seek out, visit, and choose.

Country Overview

Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila, is famous for its glamorous hotels and sought-after tourist spots. Located on the island “Efate”, Port Vila is the centre and largest city of Vanuatu. Moreover, it is also home to the famous Vanuatu National Museum, which showcases the Melanesian culture of the country.


French, Bislama and English


Vatu VT


Port Vila


Parliamentary Republic

Total Area

12,199 km2


307, 145


Comprising a Y-shaped chain of 83 islands, Vanuatu is located 500 miles west of Fiji and almost 1,100 East of Australia.

Two of Vanuatu’s islands remain disputed with both France and Vanuatu claiming them. Before gaining independence in 1980, it was under the governance of an Anglo-French New Hebrides condominium.

In Melanesian, Vanuatu means “Our Land Forever”.


Vanuatu is one of the cheapest places to visit in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands host thousands of families and couples and travellers from all over the world. The Republic of Vanuatu is blessed with a lot of natural, wonderful, and beautiful sights.

  • Glamorous hotels and tourist accommodation

  • Vanuatu’s Best Location for Romantic Holidays: Havannah, Efate Island

  • Top-quality scuba diving

  • Coral reefs

  • Underwater caverns

  • Wreck of the World War II Troopship, SS President Coolidge

  • National museum exhibiting the Melanesian culture

Citizenship Investment Opportunities

To secure a Vanuatu passport, investors can donate money into the Government Development Fund.

  • Contribution to the Development Support Program (DSP)

Economy and Culture

Small-scale farming has been the prime source of income for most people in Vanuatu. In 1876, Europeans introduced the cultivation of many crops, including cotton, coffee, cocoa beans, and coconuts.

From the late 1880s, Vanuatu developed into a well-renowned agricultural hub, with both the British and French governments unable to compete with the island nation in agriculture.

Living Standards

According to 2012 reports, the cost of living for two persons is VT 54,700 per month which is approximately $500.

Most houses in Vanuatu are traditional Melanesian-style dwellings with no glass windows and coral floors. The construction materials include palm, bamboo, and cane.