Second Passport consultants is a leading authorized agency in the Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

Our hand-selected team has over a decade of industry experience helping hundreds of clients achieve their second citizenship and passport goals.

We are committed to streamlining and demystifying the CBI process while remaining fully compliant with government rules and regulations. Our multi-lingual experts continue to assist a diverse clientele from all over the world.  


We strive to support clients acquire a second Citizenship and passport with clarity efficiency, and professionalism.


  • Establishing and delivering appropriate policies, procedures, and practices to regulate and educate immigration consultants

  • Complying strictly and properly with government regulations during the due diligence tests of all candidates

  • Establishing whether any fraud was committed during the citizenship application and approval process

  • Advanced coordination and cooperation with government departments

  • Safeguarding the credibility of Vanuatu Citizenship

  • Protecting immigration service clients through appropriate regulation


  • Maintaining a high level of professional excellence in every endeavour

  • Upholding Transparency in core policies and procedures among authorized members

  • Strictly adhering to all relevant legal standards and structures

  • Attributing full responsibility for all company decisions and actions to the board of directors and executives

  • Maintaining the most ethical and highest moral standards

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How to Prepare a Vanuatu Citizenship Application

Applicants must be aged 18 and over, of good character, in good health, and in possession of a clean police record.

An applicant can apply with his/her spouse and dependent sons/daughters, as well as elderly parents or/and grandparents under certain circumstances.

The Vanuatu government stipulates that an applicant must progress through a comprehensive application process during which he/she must gather and submit essential documents.

CIP application deadlines and durations vary depending on the category. However, applicants can speed up the process by gathering the required documents efficiently and quickly.

The final steps of the CIP process may be summarized as follows:

  • When lodging the passport application, the applicant must bring 2 Identical Passport Sized Photos (Photo should not be older than 6 months) and an original Birth Certificate as well as the appropriate passport fee (in VAT)

An Exploratory Visit

If you are interested in hiring our immigration consultancy and investment services, contact us to arrange an exploratory visit. Our representative will carefully listen to your requests, answer your questions and proceed to generate a referral form to work on your application.

The preparation of your immigration application will go to one of our professional group members who assist in interviewing applicants like you. During these initial steps, you can expect the following:

  • Free, one-on-one consultation with a staff member of our Immigration company

  • Introduction into the visa process, nomination requirements, and CIP application process

  • Advice on which other consulting services you require for success